Grand Central Baking union effort falls flat


In our March 20 issue, we reported on accusations that Grand Central Baking closed its Northwest Portland cafe early in retaliation for employees’ union-like demands.

Workers at the 2240 NW York retail location had been talking with Laborers Local 483 about unionizing, but in January, the company announced it would close the cafe on March 31 to expand the adjacent wholesale bakery. Workers demanded preferential rehiring to open positions at other company locations, but company owners didn’t agree, and then closed the cafe Jan. 22, two months earlier than announced. Local 483 filed a charge Jan. 23 with the National Labor Relations Board alleging that the sped-up closure was illegal retaliation.

But Local 483 withdrew the charge March 17, after the investigating agent said the union was unlikely to prevail. To date, the company has not hired any of the laid-off workers to new positions.


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