Oregon Building Trades Council endorses Kitzhaber for re-election


The Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council (OBTC) has endorsed John Kitzhaber for re-election as Oregon’s governor.

The council, which represents more than 25,000 union construction workers throughout the state, cited Kitzhaber’s economic development plan, his focus on attracting industrial sector jobs to the region, his effort to raise the median income of Oregonians, and his commitment to bring vocational training back into the classroom, as their reasons for endorsing him.

“Gov. Kitzhaber shares our core belief that the key to economic growth and prosperity is the creation of family wage jobs,” said OBCTC Executive Secretary John Mohlis.

Kitzhaber, a Democrat, served as the 35th governor of Oregon from 1995 to 2003. He was the first person to be elected to the office three times when he was elected to a non-consecutive third term as the state’s 37th governor in 2010. Prior to becoming a politician, he was an emergency room physician in Roseburg, Oregon.


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