Developers agree proposed Wood Village casino will be built union

Developers of a proposed $300 million entertainment center in east Multnomah County have signed a letter of understanding with the Columbia Pacific Building and Construction Trades Council to build it with union labor.

The LOU was signed Aug. 23, the day developers unveiled The Grange, a multi-use entertainment center featuring local restaurants and pubs featuring local wines and beers, a four-star hotel with a water playground, an outdoor plaza for farmers markets and other community events, a bowling alley, movie theater, concert hall, and an upscale, smoke-free casino.

The Grange will be located between Halsey and Glisan streets in Wood Village, where the abandoned Multnomah Kennel Club operated a greyhound racetrack for nearly 50 years.

But before ground can be broken, voters must approve two statewide Ballot Measures — 82 and 83 — in the November general election. One measure amends the Oregon Constitution to allow privately owned casinos to operate in the state. The companion measure gives specific approval to build a casino in Wood Village. If both measures pass statewide, voters in Wood Village still would have to approve it.

At the LOU signing, developers emphasized that the complex will use only private money with no public subsidies, and will be operated by an Oregon company that pays all state and local taxes. They pledged also to recruit and prioritize Oregon companies for the materials, supplies, and labor to build and operate it.

The ballot measures are endorsed by Wood Village City Council, the Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council, and the Northwest Oregon Labor Council.

“The Grange will be a sustainable development, generate thousands of jobs, millions of dollars a year for schools and other services and without a cent of taxpayer dollars,” said Wood Village Mayor Patricia Smith. “It will be a fun destination for Oregonians and good for Oregon’s economy.”

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