Dosha pays $7,000 to fired massage therapist

In an out-of-court settlement approved March 20 by the National Labor Relations Board, Dosha Salon Spa agreed to pay $6,946 to fired massage therapist Mary Christ, who waived her right to reinstatement. Christ was a new employee when she was fired last September after she wore red feathers in her hair as a show of solidarity with co-workers. Workers at Dosha voted in March 2011 to join Communications Workers of America Local 7901, and red is CWA’s color. Christ has since found work elsewhere.

Dosha also pledged a $26 payment to former Dosha hair stylist Kelanie York, who was sent home early from work after she wore a temporary union tattoo. York later quit and moved out of the area.

Other allegations were settled by a voluntary agreement to post a notice in all locations for 60 days. In the notice, Dosha promises not to do any of the 30 things that it was alleged to have done in violation of the National Labor Relations Act. [See the notice here.] Included is a pledge to remove cameras from the employee break room at the Hawthorne store, at the union’s request.

Several other charges of labor law violations by Dosha are still being investigated.

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