CWA Local 7901

Gail Rosebrook, 1955-2024

She put her organizational skills to work for CWA, the Northwest Labor Press, and Oregon State Industrial Union Council.

Labor Council ambush: Union volunteer honored for ‘Job well done’

Near the close of NW Oregon Labor Council’s Oct. 23 delegates meeting, Mark Sturbois was called to the front for a surprise ceremony.

CWA Local 7901 placed in trusteeship by national union

The union has suffered from significant internal turmoil in recent years.

Nonprofit Causa of Oregon shuts down amid labor conflict

The immigrant rights group Causa recognized a union two years ago, but never reached agreement on a first contract.

Beneficial State Bank signs first union contract 

CWA says it's the first group of bank employees to unionize in more than 40 years. At $20.50 an hour and over, wages may top the industry.

Enviro nonprofit would rather lay off all staff than deal with union

The Center for Sustainable Economy dropped antiunion Ballard Law and agreed to recognize the union. Then came its "restructure" announcement.

Climate justice group goes antiunion

When workers at the Center for Sustainable Economy announced their union, the last thing they expected was to be confronted by a union-busting law firm.

Even the coronavirus can’t stop union organizing

Immigrant rights group Causa agrees to recognize union immediately. Affordable housing non-profit Casa of Oregon will have to think about it.

A union for bank workers

The bank owned by Tom Steyer, billionaire presidential candidate, agrees to union neutrality.

Environmental justice group goes union … on the spot

OPAL executive director Huy Ong didn't think twice when his employees announced they wanted a union.

At a Eugene environmental group, workers move to unionize

Our Children’s Trust is best known for Juliana v. United States, a lawsuit in which 21 young Americans are suing the federal government for not taking enough action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

New leadership at CWA Local 7901

Portland Jobs With Justice organizer A.J. Mendoza is the new president of the 635-member local.

Union effort falls short at United Way in Portland

The vote was 12 in favor of joining Communications Workers of America Local 7901, and 14 opposed.

Union Cab quietly goes non-union

Despite claims on its web site, the cooperative taxi company is no longer union-affiliated.

Union-made gift ideas

Buying any gifts this holiday season? If you buy union, you help keep good jobs in the community, and vote with your dollars for enterprises that pay your fellow workers a living wage with benefits.

Lois Stranahan, 1919-2017

Together with late husband Jesse Stranahan, she was well known in the local labor movement as a tireless fighter for economic justice.

AT&T workers begin three-day strike

For workers in the company's wireless division, it's the first-ever walkout.

To counter big-money politics, Portland City Council votes for public campaign finance

Starting in 2020, the system will match small donors so candidates can focus on regular voters, not big donors.

A landmark session, but Oregon labor wanted more

A big Democratic majority led to high expectations, but Oregon lawmakers balked at minimum wage and other labor priorities

Unitarian union leads to fund drive

Negotiations on a first union contract have been under way since February.