Clackamas County resolves to hire locally


Clackamas County Chair Charlotte Lehan (center) signs a resolution that calls on the county to prioritize local source hiring and family wage jobs when letting contracts. With her at the Jan. 12 signing ceremony at Machinists District W 24 in Gladstone are Commissioners Jim Bernard (left), Jamie Damon, and local union officials.

The Clackamas County board of commissioners unanimously passed a resolution Jan. 12 pledging to prioritize the use of local source hiring of workers, materials, and expertise that provide family wage jobs whenever it puts out for bid public construction projects and/or personal and professional service contracts.

The resolution, submitted by County Chair Charlotte Lehan, says the county “will place as a priority the selection of projects that result in jobs that pay living wages to skilled and educated workers with high productivity, provide health care benefits, encourage the longevity of workers in their positions, promote safety, advance the certifications of workers, and provide the opportunity for a pension.”

The resolution further states that “using local sources for workers, materials, and expertise is recognized as the method producing the most immediate economic benefit to the workers and businesses of Clackamas County” and that commissioners will “observe at all times the requirements for bidding on public improvement contracts and the prevailing wage law that provides a living wage for workers” as set out in state regulations.

A few hours after the 5-0 vote, a signing ceremony was held at the Machinists District W 24 hall in Gladstone with labor officials from construction unions, Machinists and Woodworkers locals, Teamsters, AFSCME and the Northwest Oregon Labor Council,  Lehan and Clackamas County Commissioners Jim Bernard and Jamie Damon.

“Local hire is the most important part of this resolution,” Bernard said. “We want local businesses to get the business.”

“This proclamation solidifies our commitment to living wage jobs,” Damon added.
Lehan said the unanimous vote “makes this proclamation a much more powerful statement.”


  1. Kudos for the courage to do the right thing!
    The loyalty and support it will generate will go a long way to sustain local shopping, patronizing local services (restaurants, boutiques, etc) and foster GREATER PRIDE in maintaining the beautiful environment, landscaping, and reduction of litter and graffiti.
    It is all connected…THANK YOU!


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