Ambulance contractor fires union supporters


At MetroWest Ambulance, the anti-union lawlessness has gone from bad to worse.

In April and May we reported that managers disciplined workers for wearing pro-union buttons and threatened to call police when an off-the-clock worker invited co-workers to sign union cards.

Since then, the company has been terminating union supporters. According to charges filed by attorney Sarah Drescher on behalf of Teamsters Local 223, MetroWest discharged employees Jason Gordan and David Arellano Aug. 31 in retaliation for their legally protected union activity, and followed that up Oct. 10 with the layoff of 13 employees, many of whom were union supporters. Within weeks, the company hired a dozen new employees, without recalling any of those laid off.

MetroWest has a contract to provide ambulance service for Washington County.

A campaign to join the Teamsters has been under way among the company’s 224 workers.


  1. Since then they have fired me for my union support. I had been there for 14 years. They are now harassing employees who solicit for union support in the parking lots.


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