Garnett tapped to top post at Roofers Local 49

Russ Garnett has been elected business manager/financial secretary of Portland-based Roofers Local 49 in a special run-off election. He succeeds Michael Thompson, who stepped down mid-term.

Garnett has served as interim business manager since April.

In June, Garnett and five other candidates entered a special election for the local’s top post. None received the required 50 percent-plus one majority. Garnett and Paul Corbin, the local’s recording secretary, were the top two finishers, so they squared off in a special mail ballot election held July 15-29. Those ballots were counted July 30. Garnett won 89-85.

Garnett was installed Aug. 11. The term expires in June 2012.

Garnett has been on Local 49’s Executive Board since 1990. He served two terms as president in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, and one term as vice president.

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