Painters District Council 5 re-elects Sullivan, Bartunek


Denis Sullivan has been re-elected business manager/secretary treasurer of Painters and Allied Trades District Council No. 5 in an election held in June.

Bud Bartunek was re-elected president and Doug Wagner was re-elected vice president.

The new officers were installed July 16. Terms of office are three years.

Elected as business representatives were: Jeff Brooke, Portland Painters Local 10; Dave Winkler, Portland Floor Coverers Local 1236; Jerry Fisher, Portland Glaziers Local 740; Greg Flatmo, Seattle Local 300; Scott Clarke, Local 1094; Pat Smith, Salem Local 724 and Eugene Local 1277; Pete Riley, Seattle Glaziers Local 188; John Boufford,  Seattle Tapers Local 364; Philip Lindquist, Seattle Floor Coverers Local 1238; Chris Winters, Olympia Painters Local 1964; and Barb Crawford, Kennewick Painters Local 427.

Elected as trustees were Kim Slater of Local 364; Kyle Hudson of Local 300; Chris Bryant of Local 1094; Brett Reynolds of Local 188; John Adams of Local 740; and Jack Johnson of Local 10. Trustees elected Bryant as chair.

Painters and Allied Trades District Council 5’s Executive Board is comprised of Sullivan, Bartunek, Wagner,  Bryant, Winters (warden), and delegate members  Crawford, Winkler, Fisher, Smith, Philip Lindquist, Scott Clark, Boufford, and  Flatmo.


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