Bowtech abuses continue, Machinists say


Just days after Bowtech settled an unfair labor practice charge, the Eugene, Oregon, hunting bow manufacturer was breaking the law again, says Machinists District Lodge W24 organizer Will Lukens.

An NLRB investigation found that Bowtech broke federal labor law this spring when managers interrogated workers about their union activities and threatened that the company’s 117 workers would lose their jobs and the work would go to China if they voted for the union.

Bowtech settled the charges by agreeing to post a notice promising not to do those things in the future. The notice went up July 21.

Six days later, Bowtech supervisors separated two workers for talking about the union, violating one of the promises in the posting. That violation is the basis of a new charge.

Meanwhile, a union election scheduled for March 2011 was called off in light of the management scare tactics; if there’s still interest, the union could call for a new election to be scheduled in October.


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