Congress passes trade treaties with Korea, Colombia, Panama

By lopsided margins, Congress approved NAFTA-style trade deals that were opposed by labor.

Congress could vote on Korea, Colombia, Panama deals in July

The NAFTA-style treaties would add to the trade deficit and make outsourcing easier.

Wu bill would speed benefits for workers who lose jobs to trade

Oregon Congressman David Wu said he will introduce a bill this month to streamline access to Trade Adjustment Assistance benefits for workers displaced by outsourcing to other countries as a result of free trade agreements.

Schrader favors Korea trade deal, balks at TRADE Act

Congressman Kurt Schrader told labor leaders he is undecided on trade deals with Colombia and Panama.

Schrader favors Korea trade deal, balks at TRADE Act

Oregon Fifth District Congressman Kurt Schrader told labor leaders at an April 26 breakfast that he is "leaning strongly in favor" of the Korea Free Trade Agreement and is unlikely to support the union-backed TRADE Act, a re-write of the nation's trade policy. He still is undecided on trade deals with Colombia and Panama.

Congressman Wu says he’ll oppose Korea FTA

A teary-eyed U.S. Rep. David Wu thanked labor for standing with him, and announced his opposition to the Korean Free Trade Agreement.

Why workers fell out of love with Boeing

In the last 15 years, Boeing downsized, reorganized, merged, digitalized, and outsourced. The result: Employees are disenchanted and less committed to the company.

Mr. President: Americans can’t afford job-killing trade deals

Outside President Obama's Feb. 18 visit to Intel, activists picketed to remind him of his pledge to halt NAFTA-style trade treaties.

Korea trade deal draws protests in Portland, Eugene

A Korean unionist tells protesters the deal also weaken labor’s hand in South Korea.

Obama hasn’t lived up to campaign promises on trade

There was a moment during the 2008 presidential campaign when an American union worker could believe Barack Obama would chart a new course on trade policy. Those hopes have faded.

Free trade deal with Korea will cost U.S. jobs

President Obama is asking Congress to approve the United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement — the biggest NAFTA-style trade treaty since NAFTA.