Vigor Marine

Dirty drinking water? Portland shipyard workers say no thanks

Complaints started coming in that at some of the stations, the water was coming out discolored with debris. 

End of the line

The chief union steward at Portland's shipyard is retiring after 35 years on the waterfront, and 30 years as a member of Laborers Local 737.

Seattle shipyard painters unionize on the heels of Portland election

Specialty Finishes workers in both cities are now represented by Painters Local 10, which is preparing to bargain a first contract.

Shipyard painters go union

A dozen workers who paint vessels on Swan Island in Portland have unionized, increasing the union density at the Vigor Industrial shipyard.

Contracted painters look to unionize at Vigor shipyard

Painters Local 10 has asked for an election to represent workers employed by Specialty Finishes, located at Portland’s Vigor Marine shipyard.

Shipyard workers approve contract by 70%

Wages rise $3.95 an hour under the new agreement, which covers nearly 1,000 metal trades workers at Portland and Seattle shipyards.

For shipyard workers, contract … or strike

Union shipyard workers in Portland and Seattle will decide April 28 whether to approve a new tentative agreement with employer Vigor Marine.

Shipyard workers vote again to authorize strike

The Metal Trades Council is planning a community support rally at the Portland shipyard’s main gate at 9:30 a.m. April 9.

Shipyard workers reject tentative agreement

Metal trades unions will hold a second strike vote after 900 Portland and Seattle shipyard workers rejected a deal with Vigor Marine.

Metal Trades unions ask shipyard owner: ‘Where’s the love?’

Unions and Vigor Marine remain far apart in bargaining for a contract representing several hundred workers at Portland and Seattle shipyards.

Workers could strike at shipyards in Portland and Seattle

By over 95%, Portland and Seattle shipyard workers voted to authorize a strike if the AFL-CIO Metal Trades Department can’t get a contract.

Vigor shipyard workers vote to extend contract to Sept. 1

The extension will give the sides more time to address problems with multi-employer pension plans.

Shipyard workers picket smoking ban

Shipyard workers at six Vigor worksites protest imposition of smoking ban without consulting union