University of Oregon

Grad worker strike averted at University of Oregon

Over 1,400 grad teaching and research assistants had set a Jan. 17 strike date. Instead a new contract will raise wages by up to 45%.

UO undergrad workers vote overwhelmingly to unionize

They’ll now be part of a bargaining unit of 3,922 student workers with jobs in the libraries, dorms, dining halls, and recreation centers.

UO fires organizer in student worker campaign

Gotcha: He didn’t pay for food that was otherwise headed to the garbage.

Graduate employees are workers too

Oregon university officials are pulling out all the stops to devalue and disrespect graduate student workers. 

UO’s new $1 billion Knight Science Campus will be built under a PLA

Oregon State Building Trades signed a project labor agreement with UO and Hoffman Construction on the project, which will be built in four phases over 10 years and employ up to 1,300 construction workers.

Graduate teachers at UO on the verge of a strike

Grad students, who teach a third of UO classes, could strike right after Thanksgiving.

UO grad student workers conduct ‘work-in’ following strike vote

No strike will happen before fall term, but GTFs say they're ready

UO graduate fellows begin contract talks

Union wants parental leave, wireless internet, and kitchen appliances, among other things

In Oregon’s new higher ed boards, labor gets a seat or two

Business will be amply represented on the new governing boards.

David Cecil named chief of staff at AFT-Oregon

The former graduate teaching fellow has 13 years in the labor movement

University of Oregon at $320,000 (and counting) in talks with union

An outside law firm employing the former UO president heads up the administration’s bargaining team

University of Oregon backs off its challenge to faculty union

United Academics is certified after Governor Kitzhaber weighs in.

UO opposes union unit in ERB filing

UO spent $25,000 for a consultant to prepare a web page expressing common anti-union themes.

University of Oregon faculty on track to unionize

A major factor is growing concern among faculty about the “corporatization” of the university.

University of Oregon faculty unionize

The group of 1,900 will be jointly members of AFT and AAUP.