United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555

What did New Seasons pay union busters? We’ll have to wait another year to find out

One worker wanted to know why fees New Seasons paid to a union avoidance consultant hadn't been disclosed, as required by federal law. So he called the union-buster.

New leadership at New Seasons — CEO is out, and so are union-busters, for now

The new co-presidents of New Seasons Market say they'll meet with New Seasons Workers United.

Top Oregon state representative calls on New Seasons to respect workers’ rights

Tina Kotek says the company should stop playing games … and respect workers' right to organize.

Union drive launches at New Seasons

Two weeks after a group of New Seasons workers publicly announced a union campaign, the company hasn't yet responded to their appeal for neutrality.

Fair Work Week: Oregon will be the first state to curb schedule abuses

A new law will give retail, hospitality and food service workers predictable schedules — and extra pay when schedules change at the last minute.

Labor weighs in on May school board and bond elections

Most of the endorsements are for school boards and school bond measures.

Portland City Council looks at public campaign finance system to magnify the voice of small donors

Backed by unions and community groups, Commissioner Amanda Fritz hopes to pass it by the end of the year.

Building trades lobby in support of ConnectOregon V

Building trades union members turn out to counter environmental opponents of coal and oil projects

Union family raises funds to pay for cutting edge treatment for son with cerebral palsy

One-year-old Oscar Triplett would be flown to Panama for a treatment not covered by insurance.

Portland City Council aims to mandate paid sick days by year’s end

If passed, Portland would join Seattle and San Francisco in a major advance for workers rights.

Danner Boots made by UFCW members

A Portland factory makes work, outdoor, and military boots.

UFCW’s Anderson re-elected to Salem Electric Coop

The member-owned co-op serves 20,000 in Salem and Keizer.

Groener named to Clackamas Community College board

The UFCW rep says he will run for re-election.

Danner Boot lays off 90

Most of those let go were members of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555.