Union Cab

Union Cab quietly goes non-union

Despite claims on its web site, the cooperative taxi company is no longer union-affiliated.

Uber unleashed

Portland sets up "separate but unequal" system for taxis to compete at a disadvantage with Uber

Taxi drivers appeal to City: No special rules for Uber

A City task force will propose new taxi regs by April

Rogue Uber steamrolls into Portland … after law-abiding Union Cab waited 22 months for permits

City of Portland says it will rewrite rules by April 9 to make Uber legal

Moment of decision for the taxi industry

Encircled by Uber, Portland is preparing a top-to-bottom review of taxi regulations

Union Cab hits the streets

The launch culminates a years-long campaign by immigrant drivers against exploitation.

Dream comes true for Union Cab

Soon, residents and visitors will be able to take a taxi driven by a union member

City staff give green light to Union Cab

Staff are recommending approval of a worker-owned taxi co-op, and sweeping reform of taxi rules.

Portland’s answer to Union Cab – taxi reform

Portland plans to overhaul taxi rules after a study found shocking labor conditions for drivers.

Portland cabbies unite

Facing greedy companies and unresponsive city officials, immigrant taxi drivers called the union