Washington gives Uber drivers more workers rights

On May 15, Washington became the first state to extend unemployment insurance and paid family and medical leave to Uber and Lyft drivers.

Rideshare driver protections start Jan. 1 in Washington

They include minimum per-minute, per-mile and per-trip rates drivers must be paid; paid sick leave; workers compensation; and more.

Portland Uber driver advisory board holds its first meeting

A newly formed nine-member committee will come up with suggestions for new regulations that Portland City Council could pass in order to improve conditions for drivers and the riding public.

Portland City Council approves resolution on the rights of Uber drivers

A city bureau has six months to come up with a proposal for a City oversight body focused on wages, dispute resolution, and other issues.

AFL-CIO calls on Portland to give Uber drivers a voice

Commissioner Nick Fish says an ordinance to set up a driver "Wage Board" will get May 24 hearing.

At the Oregon Legislature: Labor’s agenda inches forward

Will the Oregon Legislature ban anti-union ‘right-to-work’ ordinances?

A landmark session, but Oregon labor wanted more

A big Democratic majority led to high expectations, but Oregon lawmakers balked at minimum wage and other labor priorities

Uber unleashed

Portland sets up "separate but unequal" system for taxis to compete at a disadvantage with Uber

What the heck is an Uber?

Whatever it is, it's not ridesharing: Uber is the #1 labor broker for a new era of unmarked taxis

Taxi drivers appeal to City: No special rules for Uber

A City task force will propose new taxi regs by April

Rogue Uber steamrolls into Portland … after law-abiding Union Cab waited 22 months for permits

City of Portland says it will rewrite rules by April 9 to make Uber legal

Moment of decision for the taxi industry

Encircled by Uber, Portland is preparing a top-to-bottom review of taxi regulations