UA Local 290

Trades workers ratify contract at Home Forward

The three-year contract covers 56 trades workers. It raises starting pay $9 an hour on average and adds new safety provisions. 

Pipefitters stay non-union

Workers at HIS Innovations Group make $3 to $9 an hour below equivalent union members, but rejected unionization in a 4-5 vote on Feb. 22. 

Paul Elder takes office as UA 290 business manager after election challenge denied

In his first week as business manager, Elder hired seven new staff, filling a vacancy and replacing six others he let go.

Members elect new leadership at UA 290

In his third run for UA 290 business manager, longtime benefit trustee Paul Elder outpolled incumbent Joe Neely and three others.

Gas distribution workers get $7.32 increase over 3 years

UA Local 290's agreement covers about 80 members who install and maintain natural gas pipelines for natural gas utilities.

UA 290 wins $13.54 increase in new three-year deal

The agreement came through an unusual "co-interest" bargaining process first tried 7 years ago, open to any member who wanted to take part.

Apprentice tells her story at the Capitol

Culture change in construction is real, and it’s happening, Local 290 member Kasey Finegan told lawmakers and their staffmembers.

UA Local 290 apprentices compete

Apprentices at the UA Local 290 Training Center square off in four specialties: HVAC, plumbing, steamfitting, and welding.

Biden: ‘Let’s finish the job’

Three Oregon union members were guests at Joe Biden's 2023 State of the Union address, which featured heckling and off-script engagement.

Eugene bans natural gas in new house construction

Building trades union officials from UA Local 290 and Operating Engineers Local 701 were among those testifying against the ordinance.

Cities look at banning natural gas

A handful of unions say prohibiting natural gas in new construction is bad for workers, for energy diversity and for cost.

Construction unions push for job site culture shift

Two years after a noose incident on a downtown Portland job site, signs of change are percolating in the construction industry.

To Zoom or not to Zoom: Labor navigates a return to in-person meetings

Some local labor organizations see an argument for hybrid meetings, which incorporate in-person and virtual attendance options.

UA Local 290’s training facility welcomes Labor Secretary Walsh

Walsh, together with Congressman Peter DeFazio and Oregon Labor Commissioner Val Hoyle, toured the union’s training facility in Springfield.

Construction coalition plans campaign to end on-the-job harassment of women, minorities

More than 60 union leaders, general contractors, public project owners, trade groups, and others took part in a Dec. 3 Safe From Hate summit.

Subsidized child care helps parents enter building trades

For parents who want in to the building trades, finding childcare has been a hurdle. Now a Labor’s Community Service Agency program is making a difference.

Noose incident leads unions to call for culture change in construction

When an apprentice encountered a noose on the job, no action was taken for weeks. Building trades unions say that's got to change.

PAUL KIMBERLING: 1944 – 2019

Kimberling was instrumental in the merger of Oregon plumbers and pipefitters locals more than three decades ago.

Retired union welder gives $500,000 to Shriners Hospital

Duke Mitchell worked, saved, and invested, and now, at 96, has set an extraordinary example of giving.

Local 290 apprentices compete in regional contest

Pavel Kovalenko and Michael Kitt took second place.