U.S. Postal Service

Biden announces Postal Board pick: Marty Walsh 

Postal unions are applauding President Biden’s new nominee to serve on the Postal Board of Governors: Marty Walsh.

Union prayers answered: U.S. Postal Service is saved

It was Congress that put the U.S. Postal Service at risk with a retiree medical pre-funding mandate. Now Congress has stepped in to save it.

Portland delivers message on USPS’ 242nd birthday

Job cuts are causing longer lines and delay of mail delivery.

Staples boycott ends with union win

The National Labor Relations Board ordered the US Postal Service to stop privatizing union members' work.

On USPS birthday, Portlanders deliver a message

A bill in Congress would end door-to-door delivery nationwide

Hey, Postmaster General! No more cuts in postal service!

Since 2007, USPS has closed 153 processing plants and eliminated 155,000 jobs.

Rally to save postal service celebrates Postal Heritage Day

July 26 was the 240th anniversary of the U.S. Postal Service.

RETURN TO SENDER: NLRB says Postal Service deal with Staples broke federal law

USPS broke the law when it outsourced to Staples without bargaining with the union

Bend, Eugene mail processing centers to remain open

Postal unions and others have protested the proposed plant closures for more than a year.

Charges dropped against ‘postal defenders’ — again

Defendants didn't get a speedy trial in criminal trespass case over civil disobedience

Postmaster General named ‘Scrooge of the Year’ by Jobs with Justice

The group accuses him of dismantling the postal service

Postal workers cheer postmaster general’s resignation

Call for a moratorium on USPS’s plan to close 82 mail sorting centers — three of them in Oregon

Charges against ‘postal defenders’ dropped

A judge dismissed criminal charges in a two-year-old civil disobedience protest case

Top postal executive’s visit to Vancouver draws protest

Protesters blasted postal facility closures and service cuts

Charges dropped against 3 ‘postal protectors’

The three activists were arrested blocking a private truck contracted to transport the U.S. mail

Ben Franklin would be rolling in his grave

The union boycott of Staples is growing, in protest of postal privatization.

Staples boycott grows

Unions boycott Staples after it contracts with USPS to staff mini-post offices in stores.

Postal service tries to ditch door delivery in Portland

USPS managers are soliciting property owners to convert from at-the-door to “cluster box” delivery

Seven protesters arrested at Springfield postal facility

The mail processing plant is slated for closure

Planned occupation of NW Portland’s main post office thwarted

Department of Homeland Security police stood in a post office entrance.