U.S. Department of Labor

DOL raises overtime threshold for 4 million salaried workers

Under a new DOL rule, salaried workers who make less than $43,888 a year will qualify for overtime pay effective July 1. 

Tip theft at Pizzicato and McMenamins

A Portland-area chain agreed to pay $540,000 to 367 employees after U.S. DOL found managers were unlawfully sharing tips given to workers.

Biden nominates Julie Su to be Secretary of Labor

If confirmed by the Senate, she would replace Marty Walsh, who is leaving to become head of the National Hockey League Players’ Association. 

America’s top wage and hour law enforcer

Jessica Looman, former head of the Minnesota building trades union council, now leads the U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division.

A Laborer atop the Department of Labor

Marty Walsh, sworn in as labor secretary March 23, is the former head of Laborers Local 223 and the Boston Building Trades Council.

Biden names former union leader as nominee for labor secretary

If confirmed by the newly-seated Democratic Senate, Marty Walsh would be the first union member to serve as labor secretary since 1977.

Nonunion concrete contractor gets prison sentence in wage fraud case

Caught violating prevailing wage, he lied to investigators about repaying the money — and offered money to employees to lie and say he'd paid them.

Trump Labor nominee confirmed

Alex Acosta was sworn in April 28, the day after a 60-38 confirmation vote in the Senate.

Trump’s Labor Secretary nominee: Puzder withdraws; Acosta up next

After Puzder, Acosta comes as a relief to labor.

Labor secretary taps Worley for national Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship

The committee advises the Secretary of Labor on matters facing the registered apprenticeship system.

Re-run election confirms Shirley Block and Jon Hunt as leaders of ATU Local 757

Block got 55 percent of the vote, and Hunt got 52 percent.

New rule forces union-busters into the daylight

The Department of Labor has eliminated a reporting loophole that lasted 54 years.

Foreign trade ruled a factor in Newberg paper mill closure

About 200 workers lost jobs at WestRock, formerly SP Fiber.

DOL awards $10.2 million grants to fight worker misclassification

Oregon will get $500,000 to crack down on employers who skirt the unemployment insurance system

Machinists re-elect Buffenbarger

Challenge slate led by Jay Cronk plans to dispute election results

Union numbers held steady in 2013

Washington is again the fourth-most union state, while Oregon drops to 12th

Boeing controversy fuels challenge to top Machinist posts

After an investigation, DOL is overseeing a re-run of the election for national Machinists officers

Nearly 2,000 Oregon jobs lost to trade in 2012

Oregon Fair Trade Campaign's tally: 55,000 Oregon jobs lost since NAFTA

Union members down to 11.3 percent of U.S. workforce

New York is the most unionized. Washington's #4, Oregon #9.

Blueberry growers fined for minimum wage violations, but Avakian cries foul

Back pay and civil penalties total $240,000 for violating the rights of 1,100 workers.