U.S. Chamber of Commerce

OSHA silica rule: just a few more months, maybe

Exposed workers are dying, but business groups howl at the expense of prevention

BrucePac’s immigrant workforce says no to union

Three years after a union campaign began at BrucePac, vote is more than 3-to-1 against unionizing

Lawyer games hamper NLRB effort to fulfill its mission

A federal judge strikes down reforms intended to reduce legal delays in union elections.

OSHA pulls rule on reporting ergonomics injuries

OSHA will hold off asking employers to record musculoskeletal disorders like carpal tunnel on a form they already fill out.

Voters in four states ban union ‘card-check’

Voters in four Republican-dominated states passed measures Nov. 2 to ban the “card check” method of unionizing. But the measures may be struck down in the courts, because they encroach on rights protected by the National Labor Relations Act.

Ergonomic regulation reform put on the back burner

Nine years since a Republican Congress axed ergonomic regs, Ds show no appetite to reinstate them.

Laborers union campaign at BrucePac becomes test case

By DON McINTOSH, Associate Editor Two business groups, Associated Oregon Industries (AOI) and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, have chosen a union campaign at...