Juggling, hula-hooping bus driver hears birds calling

Bus operator Cindy Kassab, a member of ATU Local 747, heads into retirement with honors after a record 47 years driving for TriMet.

Assault a bus driver, commit a felony

ATU Local 757 tells Oregon lawmakers assaults on bus drivers are increasing, and asks to tighten a law classifying such assaults as felonies. 

TriMet workers extend contract through 2024

Portland-area transit workers will get raises at the end of this year and next, but otherwise their union contract will remain unchanged.

TriMet starting pay jumps 48% in a year

Amid a severe bus driver shortage, starting pay jumped from $17 to $25.24. Plus a $7,500 sign-on bonus. These are union jobs with benefits.

Unsafe streets: Deteriorating public safety is impacting workers on the job

Attacks on parks workers. Assaults on bus drivers. Safety concerns are driving some employees to leave their jobs altogether.

Labor peace at TriMet?

With a new general manager at TriMet, an era of antagonism between the transit agency and its union may have come to a close.

Transit union reaches deal with TriMet

As contract arbitration neared, TriMet management dropped its proposal to eliminate its apprenticeship program for bus mechanics.

ATU fights to save apprenticeship, and win back the right to strike

SB 690, a bill introduced by Oregon State Senator Chris Gorsek, would restore the right to strike for public transit workers like bus drivers.

TriMet declares impasse in contract bargaining

An arbitrator will decide if the transit agency can scrap its mechanic apprenticeship program.

Transit: Ridership plummets, but no workers are facing layoff, and cleaners are working overtime

In Eugene and Salem, bus service is now free. In Portland, new machines are disinfecting buses and trains with peroxide mist nightly.

Support your transit workers!

Local 757 says TriMet plans to eliminate mechanic apprenticeship programs and privatize bus service for the benefit of big companies like Amazon and FedEx.

TriMet stuck on ending apprenticeship

Months of pushback from Amalgamated Transit Union Local 757 has so far failed to persuade TriMet management to put the brakes on a plan to end its apprenticeship programs for bus and light rail mechanics.

TriMet awards transit project to union-signatory minority contractor

Raimore Construction will be the general contractor on the $60 million construction portion of the Division Transit Project, which will be the largest construction contract awarded to a minority contractor in Oregon history.

Labor Commissioner Val Hoyle to TriMet: Don’t eliminate apprenticeships!

TriMet has been proposing in union contract bargaining to scrap its bus and light rail maintenance mechanic training programs.

TriMet talks off to rough start

TriMet wants to get rid of its bus and light rail maintenance mechanic training programs. And maybe contract out maintenance of the electric and hybrid buses it wants to buy.

Transit union cries foul as TriMet contracts out shuttle service for its own drivers

Is Oregon’s largest transit agency incapable of operating a single shuttle bus? You might think so given a recent TriMet board action.

New TriMet Lift contracts raise wages up to $3.91 an hour

Problems with bathroom breaks and rider wait times are still unresolved.

Union nemesis retires at TriMet

“I wished him well … and told him to stay away from ATU,” said union president Shirley Block.

ATU v TriMet: 5-year legal case starts over after state Supreme Court ruling

TriMet, a public transit agency, has spent a bundle to keep the public out of its meetings.

A view from the driver seat

A TriMet bus driver writing under the pseudonym "Deke N. Blue" has been blogging about life behind the wheel since 2012. Now he's published a book.