Teamsters Local 206

Sneaky Nabisco tries to outsource Teamster work

Local 206 filed suit in U.S. District Court saying Nabisco outsourced work, then refused to follow the grievance process.

Defying union buster, biotech workers unionize at Yecuris

The consultant literally introduced himself as “the union-buster" and held one-on-one meetings trying to create fear about unionizing. 

Workers at genetically engineered mouse company want a union

Teamsters Local 206 is organizing a group of 14 workers at Tigard-based Yecuris, which transplants human liver cells into mice for lab research.

Workers sue Fred Meyer for unpaid wages

Kroger is planning to buy competitor Albertsons for $24.6 billion. But the grocery monolith can’t seem to find the cash to pay its workers.

Eugene Register-Guard outsources its union printing operation

Eugene's once-great Register-Guard has seen rapid decline since its family owners sold it in 2018—and waves of staff cuts and outsourcing.

Workers unionize at So Delicious Dairy Free

A subsidiary of French multinational Danone voluntarily recognized the Teamsters after a campaign without employer interference.

Tommy “Teamster” Malloy, 1924-2013

The WW II veteran was a Teamsters business agent and lobbyist from 1946 to 1987.

KKR-controlled Sealy to close North Portland factory

Despite offers of union concessions, Sealy will close its Portland plant in March and lay off 128.

Crown Cork & Seal shuts Portland can plant

The St. Johns facility was the last Oregon manufacturer of cans.