Teamsters Local 162

Bend trash haulers at Republic Services look to join the Teamsters

Bend solid waste workers are set to vote in-person on Jan. 11. Workers in Redmond have also asked for a union election.

Anheuser-Busch could be delivered nonunion if Maletis Beverage succeeds in busting Teamsters

Owner Rob Maletis withdrew union recognition after a majority of employees signed a petition that they no longer wish to be represented. 

Strike protests Portland beer distributor’s illegal behavior

Maletis distributes Anheuser-Busch products and craft beers, ciders, and wines to bars, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Beer distribution workers may strike

Teamsters Local 162 members are losing patience with Maletis' suggestion to back out of the union’s fully funded pension plan. 

Widmer Brewery goes union

Workers at the Portland brewery joined Teamsters Local 162, making it one of a handful of U.S. craft breweries with union representation.

Shakeup in Teamsters leadership

Teamsters general president Jimmy Hoffa Jr. is retiring at age 80, and his chosen successor just lost a leadership vote in a landslide.

Imperfect Foods busts union

Another ‘progressive’ business shows its true colors. “It was the anti-union campaign I would expect from a company like Walmart or Amazon.”

Portland-area Safeway.com drivers win raises in first Teamster contract

The contract locks in raises of $2.25 an hour and enrolls workers in the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension.

Secret audio shows Columbia Sportswear plot to fire unionist

In the recordings, managers list the names of union supporters they want to fire and talk about how to build a case that will stand up to NLRB scrutiny.

Safeway.com drivers become the first home grocery delivery workers to unionize

Workers stood strong for their union in the face of union-buster ride-alongs in their trucks.

Union campaign at Columbia Sportswear

When warehouse workers started looking at joining the Teamsters, billionaire CEO Tim Boyle came down to the shop floor to try to talk them out of it.

Vigor shipyard workers vote to authorize strike

Tired of being disrespected, shipyard workers are demanding a family-friendly work week.

Lynn R. Lehrbach, 1937-2017

The career union rep worked on civil rights for the UAW, and later served as political director for Teamsters Joint Council 37.

Beer hauler moves to bust Teamsters union

Teamsters Local 162 is facing a union-busting effort by a local MillerCoors distributor.

Teamsters strike Oregon City-based beer distributor

A new bargaining session with a federal mediator is scheduled for Dec. 2.

KKR-controlled Sealy to close North Portland factory

Despite offers of union concessions, Sealy will close its Portland plant in March and lay off 128.