Signatory Painting Contractors Organization

Painters win $9.66 over three years in new contract

For the second time in a row, Painters Local 10 obtained historic pay raises for members. Readiness to strike made all the difference.

Strike averted as Painters vote on new offer

Facing a May 1 strike date, painting contractors came back to the table proposing $9.66 in raises over three years.

Painters set May 1 strike date

About 320 commercial, industrial and bridge painters may strike May 1 if they don’t reach agreement with union-signatory contractors.

Painters Local 10 wins wage increases of up to $4.50

The first contract to be negotiated since members regained the right to strike contains the biggest raises in a generation.

Painters turn down $2.94 in raises, return to bargaining

A day after the lopsided vote to reject SPCO's offer, a competing contractor group offered $4.30 an hour over the same time frame.

Painters strikes end with major wage wins

After weeks of escalating strike action, Painters Local 10 reached a deal that if ratified will raise compensation by $3.50 to $4 an hour.

Painters pickets continue

The pickets are protesting contractors' failure to provide information that would justify their refusal to offer more than a 25¢ raise.

At Portland-area construction sites, union painters are primed for ‘Summer of Chaos’

Local Painters union members have been falling behind for a generation. They’re not gonna take it any more.

Painters Local 10 members preparing to strike if necessary

The union’s three-year collective bargaining agreement with the Signatory Painting Contractors Organization of Oregon and Southwest Washington expires March 31, 2020.

Paint and Floor Coverer STARS!

Commitment to training sets these workers apart from their competition.

Painters, Floor Coverers distribute $500 bonuses for safety training

The bonus checks are a way to honor the best-trained workforce in the industry