SEIU and AFT join call for cease-fire in Gaza

SEIU and American Federation of Teachers became the fourth and fifth national unions in the United States to call for a cease-fire in Gaza.

Buffalo baristas form first Starbucks store union

Thirty down, 235,000 to go. On Dec. 9, mail ballots showed that workers at a Starbucks store in Buffalo, New York voted 19 to 8 to unionize.

Trump’s new NAFTA labor rules to be tested

The AFL-CIO says 600 Mexican auto parts workers were fired in acts of retaliation for union activity—violating Mexico's labor rights pledge.

John Sweeney, 1934-2021

Former national AFL-CIO president John Sweeney, who led an era of transformative change in America’s labor movement, died Feb. 1 at age 86.

The Fight for $15: The Right Wage for a Working America

An architect of Seattle's $15 minimum wage has written a book about the surging 15 movement.

You take one of us on, you take all of us on

Portland Jobs With Justice carried out a three-hour-long protest June 17, including a rally outside City Hall calling for a $15 minimum wage, a...

Port of Portland passes new ‘social equity’ policy

New airline service contractors will have to hire 80% of their workers from the previous contractor

Airlines threaten to sue over modest labor reforms at PDX

Port of Portland proposal would require $13 total hourly compensation in future airport service contracts

PDX: a highly desirable workplace, for managers

Port of Portland hires a $197-an-hour consultant to develop its policy to help low-wage workers

Labor-backed alliance to push bold agenda in the state capitol

2015 could be a breakthrough year for pro-worker legislation

Port of Portland will consider a “social equity” policy for airport workers

PDX lags behind other West Coast airports in raising standards for low-wage service workers

‘Right-to-work’ initiative dropped

Sponsors of two anti-union initiative petitions — including a so-called right-to-work measure for public employees — have agreed to withdraw their measures aimed at...

U.S. Supreme Court hears challenge to union neutrality agreements

Several justices grill a lawyer from an anti-union group

After years of delay, Obama DOL says home care workers will get minimum wage, overtime

A decades-old exclusion ends for nearly 2 million workers.

We are the 99 percent: Unions get behind the Occupy movement

Unions line up in support of Occupy Wall Street as the movement explodes.

Pro-union, pro-choice: Workers unionize at Planned Parenthood

Workers at Planned Parenthood of the Columbia-Willamette voted 97 to 43 SEIU Local 49.

More workers fired for Facebook postings

A Frito-Lay worker is fired after complaining about a supervisor on Facebook.

Portland bus brigade travels to rallies at 8 worksites

With 8+ union contracts expiring June 30, activists thought, “Why not get all the unions together?”

Oregon Legislative session 2011 a mixed bag for labor

Oregon lawmakers wrapped up the 2011 Legislative session June 30. If there was anything memorable in it for working people, it was that lawmakers finally cut corporate tax breaks down to size … except when they were giving out new ones. It was also the year that the Oregon Legislature gave state agencies a new aspirational goal: Lay off managers, not just front-line state employees. In a state with 9.6 percent unemployment, the closest lawmakers got to passing a jobs bill was a pilot project that will employ some workers on energy efficiency retrofits of public schools, or maybe the new law removing procedural roadblocks to pipelines and other “linear” construction projects.

Apollo Alliance merges into BlueGreen

Two labor-environmental coalitions have merged as of July 1. The Apollo Alliance, launched in 2003 as a coalition of environmental, labor, business and community leaders, is now a project of the BlueGreen Alliance.