SEIU Local 49

PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center workers vote to join AFT

The vote is 319 for AFT, 110 for SEIU.

At PeaceHealth Southwest, 900 workers will choose between AFT and SEIU

The Dec. 14-15 vote is a runoff after no choice got a majority in a Nov. 22 election among service and maintenance workers.

DEAL: Daimler and unions reach agreement on a new 5-year contract at the Portland truck plant

Wages will rise by $3.25 an hour for the plant's 500+ workers.

Menzies cabin cleaners go union at PDX

A group of 53 aircraft cabin cleaners at Portland International Airport has joined Service Employees (SEIU) Local 49. The workers are employees of Menzies...

Contract, not strike, for Portland janitors

A new union contract will raise wages to at least $15 an hour over a four-year period for nearly 2,000.

Big union win at PeaceHealth Vancouver hospital

It was an emotional scene at the vote count, as 310 hospital technicians voted nearly 3-to-1 in favor of unionizing, with 93 percent casting ballots.

Erica Askin leaves Laborers 483 for SEIU 49

An attorney by training, Askin was the female business manager at Local 483.

Hundreds of low-wage Portland airport service workers unionize

The workers help passengers in a wheelchair, handle bags curb-side and help with security lines

A landmark session, but Oregon labor wanted more

A big Democratic majority led to high expectations, but Oregon lawmakers balked at minimum wage and other labor priorities

Caregivers at Sacred Heart in Springfield unionize

It was the largest unit to have a union election in Oregon healthcare for nearly two decades.

City of Portland passes $15 minimum for its contracted service workers

The wage floor covers 150 janitors and guards and parking attendants and about 20 City workers

City of Portland to consider $15 an hour for contract workers

If passed it would be a more than $4 jump for janitors, security guards and others

Support workers strike at for-profit hospital in Springfield

SEIU Local 49 accuses McKenzie-Willamette of further labor law violations

Longtime AFSCME rep Rick Henson retires

Henson started as a Carpenter, became head of SEIU Local 49, and returned to serve AFSCME

Contract expires for 570 support workers at Legacy Emanuel Hospital

SEIU Local 49 says raises of 1.5 percent are not enough

NLRB rules McKenzie-Willamette Hospital broke labor law

The Springfield facility is part of America’s second-biggest for-profit hospital chain

SEIU Local 503 votes not to merge with SEIU Local 49

Local 503 board recommends unification but delegates balk at changes

SEIU locals 503 and 49 discuss merger

Merged union would be 65,000-strong in government, health care and building services

SEIU files five prospective Oregon ballot initiatives on hospital reform

Hospitals would have to do charity care, disclose prices and quality, charge fair rates, cap CEO pay

Daimler deploys strikebreakers at Portland truck plant

A fast-moving convoy of vans and SUVs nearly ran over one picketing union member