Restaurant Workers of Portland

Potbelly Sandwich spent $100k to fight union

Potbelly hired Optimal Employee Relations of Henderson, Nevada, about a month before workers voted 9-6 to join Restaurant Workers of Portland.

Afuri restaurant union proves short-lived

In a letter sent to the NLRB, the union acknowledged it no longer had the support of a majority of the restaurant’s 18 workers.

Portland’s grassroots indy unions announce coalition

The coalition includes Burgerville Workers Union, Donut Workers United, Restaurant Workers of Portland, and Market of Choice Labor Union.

Workers voted in a union at Afuri Ramen. Potbelly could be next.

The unanimous vote marks the first win for Restaurant Workers of Portland, which launched along with the Afuri campaign.

Workers will vote on union at Portland ramen shop

A group of 19 workers at Afuri Ramen + Dumpling in downtown Portland say they want wage increases and safety improvements.