No surprise to employees of Clark County: Study shows they’re underpaid

Consulting firm Baker Tilly conducted the study, which shows that on average, Clark County wages trailed other employers by 4.7% to 9%.

Out of nowhere, Portland budgets for staff and service cuts

Mayor Ted Wheeler had second thoughts about his own budget proposal. City unions say his last-minute changes will lead to layoffs.

More Portland Street Response workers go union

Two classifications of workers at the newly formed agency are now represented by Professional & Technical Employees Local 17 (PROTEC17).

Unions worry layoffs could be coming in City permitting bureau

Jobs reviewing plans and inspecting buildings may be at risk because a drop in construction activity and related permit fees.

In the era of COVID-19, the union hall is going virtual

Unions are finding that holding meetings online is actually increasing attendance. One union is even holding its national convention online.

City of Portland unions will vote on furloughs in which workers could actually come out ahead

The federally funded Work Share program will make up for wages lost during furloughs, and city budget savings are earmarked to prevent layoffs.