Portland Police Association

Portland police union files initiative petitions

One of the potential initiatives would undo features of the police accountability measure voters approved in 2020.

Portland police union reaches deal with city on bodycam policy

The deal resolves a conflict over when officers could review their own body cam footage, and came just days ahead of a legal deadline. 

Arbitrator will decide Portland Police policy on body-worn cameras

The Portland police union says officers should get to see bodycam footage before writing reports, as they do at most other police bureaus.

Biden: ‘Let’s finish the job’

Three Oregon union members were guests at Joe Biden's 2023 State of the Union address, which featured heckling and off-script engagement.

On the job with the Portland Police Association

Portland Police officer Jordan Zaitz says she’s frustrated and discouraged by worsening crime. She looks to her union as a source of support.

After two years, a new union contract for Portland police

The union and City have been negotiating the contract since early 2020, and have been in mediation since mid-2021.

Police unions come in for questioning

Police unions have almost always been an awkward fit in the House of Labor.

Portland 911 operators leave AFSCME, join Portland police union

The vote was 67 to 7 in a May 21 election overseen by the Oregon Employment Relations Board.

Police union raids AFSCME at 911

Members of the Portland Police Association hand-delivered letters to emergency communications dispatchers inviting them to leave their union, AFSCME, and instead join the police union.

Laborers Council, Fire, Police unions withdraw endorsements of Jefferson Smith for Portland mayor

The three labor organizations aren't recommending any candidate in the mayoral race.

Four unions endorse Novick, Nolan for seats on Portland City Council

The four unions have taken no action yet in mayor’s race.