Peter DeFazio

Val Hoyle vies to carry on DeFazio’s labor legacy

Union leaders winced when they learned a labor champion was leaving Congress. Now a candidate with strong labor ties looks to succeed him.

Massive infrastructure and jobs bill becomes law

The new law spends $1.2 trillion over five years to upgrade bridges, highways, rail, transit, ports, airports, water systems, and more.

‘Robin Hood Tax’ on Wall Street would generate $350 billion

Rep. Peter DeFazio and Sen. Tom Harkin introduce a bill Nov. 3 to tax Wall Street trading activity.

Congressman Peter DeFazio: A Message to Labor

Unionists hear a call to fight back in 2012 and make Wall Street pay.

AFL-CIO tallies slew of anti-union votes in Congress

The national AFL-CIO has released its interim rating of members of Congress for 2011.

Congress could vote on Korea, Colombia, Panama deals in July

The NAFTA-style treaties would add to the trade deficit and make outsourcing easier.