Oregon Supreme Court upholds PERS cuts

The Oregon Supreme Court say lawmakers can cut benefits going forward, just not benefits employees have already earned.

No low-road employers in PERS new ‘responsible contractor’ policy

Only contractors that provide fair wages and benefits can bid on construction and janitorial work when the pension owns majority.

Oregon Democrats meet with public workers whose retirement contributions they voted to cut

Republicans wanted deeper cuts, Oregon’s House Speaker Tina Kotek and fellow Portland House Democrat Rob Nosse told public sector union members.

OSEA won’t endorse legislators who voted for PERS reduction bill

SB 1049 resulted in dramatic reductions to the pensions that public employees will receive.

Oregon AFSCME: ‘No endorsement, no financial support’ for PERS cutters

All but a few Democrats voted to cut public employee retirement contributions. Now they'll go without AFSCME's support for re-election.

Public employees file lawsuit to protect PERS retirement benefits

Plaintiffs say SB 1049 is a breach of contract, an illegal taking, and violates the Constitution.

Oregon governor and legislators who voted to cut PERS won’t be on stage at Labor Day picnic

When they were campaigning, the governor and many of the legislators promised not to cut PERS benefits.

We must not forget Oregon Democrats’ betrayal on PERS

Organized labor should hold accountable those who side with a corporate capitalist agenda at the expense of workers.

Oregon lawmakers vote to cut public employee retirement contributions

Democrats led the charge to divert up to 2.5 percent of public worker pay to shore up PERS.

At the Oregon Legislature: Labor’s agenda in the final stretch

So much to do. And just three weeks to go.

PERS under threat … again

Some in the Oregon Legislature want to divert current employee contributions to make up for the system's investment losses.

Oregon Supreme Court strikes down PERS cuts

A contract is a contract, the court says in a unanimous decision.

Kitzhaber’s Grand Bargain: Pension cuts for retired Oregon schoolteachers, tax cuts for wealthy business owners

In special session, Oregon lawmakers cut $4.9 billion in pension benefits, $500M in business taxes

Unions see results in 2013 legislative session

Lawmakers barred public union-busting, closed prevailing wage loophole, funded infrastructure

Kulongoski report takes aim at state employees’ compensation

Oregon's outgoing governor is proposing that next year's Legislature make a series of cuts to state employee compensation.