Pacific Northwest Newspaper Guild

Reporters ratify contract at Longview Daily News

Their second contract provides a starting wage of $19. That’s a $2 increase from the previously negotiated salary floor.

Daily News no longer longer printed daily

Longview's daily newspaper, like most of the 77 owned by Lee Enterprises, is reducing print publication schedule to three days a week.

Another Northwest newspaper goes union

Workers at The Daily Herald in Everett, Washington, voted 19-0 to affiliate with the Pacific Northwest Newspaper Guild.

NewsGuild walks away from The Columbian

The union that Vancouver’s daily newspaper journalists cheerfully announced in 2019 is no more.

Vancouver’s daily newspaper moves to get rid of its union

After 21 months of supposed negotiations, The Columbian is asking the National Labor Relations Board to hold a new union election. 

Longview news reporters go union

Newsroom staff at The Daily News in Longview, Washington voted 6-0 to unionize with the NewsGuild in mail ballots counted May 14.

Vancouver’s Columbian newspaper terminates union supporters

Of the three workers laid off March 16, two were leaders of the union campaign and were serving on the Pacific Northwest Newspaper Guild bargaining team.

Journalists at The Columbian newspaper in Vancouver vote overwhelmingly to unionize

The union vote comes as part of an extraordinary wave of unionization in print and online media.

Union vote scheduled at The Columbian newspaper

Management at the family-owned paper isn’t mounting the kind of scorched-earth anti-union campaign that some employers use, but is making it clear they hope employees will vote no.

Journalists unionize at Vancouver newspaper The Columbian

They love the work they do, and want a union so they can make The Columbian a place they can continue to work.

Larry Kenney, 1930-2013

The former president of the Washington State Labor Council started as a printers union activist