Biden’s bad dog: a threat to workplace safety

Virginia Foxx — a ferociously anti-union Republican Congresswoman — is investigating workplace safety at the White House.

Oregon OSHA takes action on heat and smoke

Oregon's proposed rules protecting workers exposed to extreme heat and wildfire smoke could be the strongest in the country. 

Death on the Job: The toll of neglect

For 30 years the national AFL-CIO has been reporting on workplace safety and fatalities on the job. Progress has stalled.

A regulator with a life-and-death mission: Keeping workers safe

For over 15 years, Michael Wood has been at the helm of Oregon OSHA. The Labor Press caught up with him by Zoom April 8.

Oregon OSHA says employers must protect workers from COVID-19

Not a moment too soon, Oregon OSHA's COVID-19 rule arrives as outbreaks are under way at 76 Oregon workplaces.

Heat kills

A warming planet is increasing the risk of dying from heat, but OSHA has ignored calls to protect workers.

AFL-CIO’s OSHA suit dismissed

COVID-19 has killed more workers in a shorter time than any other health emergency in OSHA's 50-year existence, but the agency has refused to require employers to take any specific action to protect workers.


COVID-19 has caused more deaths among workers in a shorter time than any other health emergency in OSHA's 50-year existence, yet the agency hasn’t required employers to take any action to protect people on the job.

Trump labor bureau appointments: Still vacant

At the Labor Department, half the top jobs remain unfilled.

The Trump administration’s record on worker safety

Progress on safety has halted, and safety programs have been targeted for elimination.

Questions for Jordan Barab

Jordan Barab, a longtime union safety expert, was number two at OSHA under Obama. He’s not happy about the way things have gone under Trump.

FedEx executive will be Trump’s new OSHA chief

Scott Mugno got the thumbs up from a Senate Committee in a party-line vote Dec. 13.


At the ODOT bridge contractor where a 40-foot fall sent two workers to the hospital, at least four former employees say they were let go after complaining of dangerous work conditions.

Six questions for labor’s top workplace safety expert

Peg Seminario, the AFL-CIO’s director of occupational safety and health, is a nationally recognized expert on worker safety.


Obama ignored labor on trade and healthcare, and pro-worker reforms came mostly too late.

Work shouldn’t hurt, says OSEA

Oregon Special Education personnel all too frequently are injured by their students.

DEADLY DUST: OSHA’s new silica rule will save lives

The silica rule covering 2 million construction workers is the most significant OSHA move in decades.

Over 10,000 severe worker injuries reported in first year of new OSHA requirement

Most of the hazards that led to severe injuries could easily have been prevented.

The Demolition of Workers’ Compensation

All around the country, state legislatures are whittling away at workers’ comp systems

Federal OSHA’s Silica Neverland

Six years after Obama took office, workers are still waiting for protection from deadly dust.