Oregon State University

Graduate employees are workers too

Oregon university officials are pulling out all the stops to devalue and disrespect graduate student workers. 

Faculty unionize at OSU and OIT

Oregon’s labor movement just grew by 2,500 new members.

Oregon State University faculty launch union campaign

OSU professors could join the union that represents fellow faculty at UO and PSU, and WOU.

In Oregon’s new higher ed boards, labor gets a seat or two

Business will be amply represented on the new governing boards.

OSU graduate research assistants vote to unionize

AFT adds 781 grad students, who vote 9 to 1 in favor of unionization.

OSU research assistants win right to vote on unionization

OSU argued they're not employees, but lost; votes will be counted March 7

OSU grad students crash donor party

Oregon State University is refusing to recognize a union of graduate research assistants.