Oregon Labor Candidate School

Labor’s chance to send a nurse to Salem

Filling Betsy Johnson’s former seat with a solid unionist would be a big win for labor advocates in Oregon.

Union members running for office

A handful of union members are running for office on Oregon’s May 19 primary ballot, and thanks to the Oregon Labor Candidate School, they know how to campaign.

A union guide to Oregon’s May 21 election

Oregon’s nonpartisan school board and special district elections tend to have very low turnout — as low as 34 percent. That means even more than usual, union voters can make a difference.

Oregon union members are stepping up to run for office

Rachel Prusak, Mike Ellison, and Christy Inskip are just three of the Oregon union members who are making first-time runs for office this year.

Wanted: labor union members interested in running for office

The application deadline is Sept. 14 for the next session of the Oregon Labor Candidate School, a free one-Saturday-a-month course in the mechanics of political campaigns.

Union members are running for office

Tired of waiting for politicians to deliver? With help from Oregon Labor Candidate School, union members are running for office themselves.

Local labor union members are running for public office

In city, county, state and federal races, some have a fighting chance, while others are long shots.

Union candidate drops out of Oregon House race … after McDonald’s franchise owner gets leader support

By Don McIntosh, Associate editor In our March 18 issue, in a story about union members who are running for office, I reported that nurses union...

Oregon union members running for office

Eight Oregon Labor Candidate School grads are first-time candidates this year

Most labor-backed candidates win office in Oregon special election

Of the 4 unionists on the May 19 ballot who went to Oregon Labor Candidates School, 3 won office

Electing labor’s own

Four rank-and-file union members are vying for public office in Oregon's May 2015 ballot

Worker advocate Kyle Allen runs for Hillsboro City Council

The Working America field operations director is a graduate of the Oregon Labor Candidate School

Union-backed candidates, measures do well in May primary

Six graduates of the Oregon Labor Candidates School won election in May

First crop of Labor Candidate School grads run for public office

Oregon unions are training up members to run for office

Worker representation: Labor looks to its own ranks for candidates to support

This year in Oregon, as many as two dozen union members are candidates for public office.