Oregon Department of Transportation

Battle breaks out between labor and AGC

It took two years and a state law for building trades unions to bargain a deal with ODOT. Now a contractor group wants to blow it up.

OSHA signs off on reduced fine against bridge painting contractor

Nearly three years after a near-fatal workplace accident under the Ross Island Bridge, contractor Abhe & Svoboda will pay just $24,500 in a settlement with Oregon OSHA, down from the $189,000 first announced. The non-union firm continues to bid on ODOT work.

OSHA fines Ross Island Bridge paint contractor $189,000 for safety violations that led to near-fatal accident

After an accident that seriously injured two workers in a 37' fall, OSHA levies its biggest fine in more than five years, saying contractor Abhe & Svoboda knowingly put workers at risk.

Investing in transportation will benefit working people

To tackle potholes and congestion, Oregon Legislature needs to hear from union members about a proposed $8.2 billion transportation package.


At the ODOT bridge contractor where a 40-foot fall sent two workers to the hospital, at least four former employees say they were let go after complaining of dangerous work conditions.

Abhe & Svoboda fires union salt amid safety complaints

Nonunion paint contractor Abhe & Svoboda faces civil rights, labor and safety complaints on a $22 million Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) painting project underneath the Ross Island Bridge.

UNDER THE ROSS ISLAND BRIDGE: Investigating a low-bid nonunion contractor, a union finds problems aplenty

Under the Ross Island Bridge Feb. 8, a painter plummeted 40 feet and landed on his own son, putting both in the hospital.

Columbia River Crossing showing signs of life

Officials are still looking into the financially viability of an “Oregon only” project.