Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries

BOLI head: Oregon labor law enforcement needs fix

Oregon Labor Commissioner Christina Stephenson took charge of an agency with chronic underfunding and heavy case backlogs.

Labor commisioner picks deputy straight out of the house of labor

Oregon AFL-CIO political and legislative director Jessica Giannettino Villatoro will serve as deputy to incoming BOLI Commissioner Christina Stephenson.

Nurse union asks district attorney to prosecute Providence for wage theft

Multnomah County DA Mike Schmidt says he’s ready to prosecute employers who commit wage theft. Oregon Nurses Association has one in mind.

Wage thieves will soon face criminal prosecution in Multnomah County

District Attorney Mike Schmidt is teaming up with Val Hoyle’s labor bureau to go after employers who steal from workers.

Casey Kulla enters labor commissioner race

The first-term Yamhill County Commissioner became the second labor ally to throw his hat in the ring for Oregon labor commissioner.

Union ally announces run for Oregon Labor Commissioner

Civil rights attorney Christina Stephenson is running for Oregon Labor Commissioner. That likely comes as a relief to Oregon labor leaders.  

Oregon labor commissioner won’t let employers fire workers who lack child care

A temporary rule interprets state law to say that employers with over 25 workers must allow up to 12 weeks unpaid leave for workers to care for their children whose school or daycare has been closed.

Isn’t it about time for a budget bump for BOLI?

Oregon's Bureau of Labor and Industries has half the staff it had two decades ago, and newly installed commissioner Val Hoyle says it's time to restore funding.

Questions for Labor Commissioner Candidate Val Hoyle

Hoyle talked about why she's running, and what the labor bureau needs: More enforcers.

Portland’s model Community Benefits Agreement could be replaced with ‘CEIP’

Building trades officials say City of Portland managers want to bypass a union-backed agreement that provides more opportunities for women and minority construction workers.

Oregon judge in bakery lawsuit rules against double overtime

The lawsuit against Portland Specialty Baking will still go forward.

Abhe & Svoboda fires union salt amid safety complaints

Nonunion paint contractor Abhe & Svoboda faces civil rights, labor and safety complaints on a $22 million Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) painting project underneath the Ross Island Bridge.

Long day AND long week? For Oregon factory workers, double the pay

180,000 Oregon factory workers can now earn time-and-a-half twice.

Oregon’s ‘incredible’ crackdown on wage theft

Oregon legislators passed a law that will make wage thieves tremble.

Southern Oregon University pays $2.5 million wage settlement to workers who built new campus dorms

The settlement wasn’t about cheating workers, but about how the university handled bidding.

Starr tells a Republican audience he’d lower prevailing wages as labor commissioner

A BOLI survey sets wage rates on public construction projects, but Starr says it's out of whack.

Candidate for Labor Commissioner wants to make Oregon a ‘right-to-work’ state

It would make the state more attractive to business, Bruce Starr tells radio host Lars Larson.

Blueberry growers fined for minimum wage violations, but Avakian cries foul

Back pay and civil penalties total $240,000 for violating the rights of 1,100 workers.

Labor commissioner sides with Fire Fighters in overtime pay dispute

Grants Pass is ordered to include vacation and sick leave when computing firefighters’ overtime.