Oregon Alliance for Retired Americans

Unions call for Medicare to lower drug prices

Senator Jeff Merkley is sponsoring a bill to require drug companies to sell products in the U.S. at the same price as other rich countries.

Oregon Alliance for Retired Americans elects new officers

Retired school employee Everice Moro succeeds retired letter carrier Scott Blau as president of the AFL-CIO-affiliated union retirees organization.

Though no longer on the payroll, retirees remain active in Oregon alliance

Alliance for Retired Americans opposes TPP free trade deal, says it will impact prescription medicine costs

Oregon retirees group stays busy, involved in community

Attendees call for expanding Social Security and establishing single payer health care

Northwest Oregon Labor Retirees Council disbands

Low turnout and duplication of effort end the group after 15 years.

Don’t rely on politicians, Avakian tells union retirees

Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian was the keynote at Oregon Alliance for Retired Americans convention

Nesbitt discusses labor’s future, at union retirees conference

The union movement has failed, says the former labor leader.