New president at Oregon AFSCME

The Oregon AFSCME Executive Board has named one of its members, Fred Yungbluth, Jr. as president until the union’s April 2023 convention.

AFSCME sends solidarity funds from Oregon to Amazon Union

A local AFSCME affiliate and its Oregon statewide council are contributing $10,000 to support the independent Amazon Labor Union.

Workers at tiny house villages want a union for safety

So-called “safe rest villages” in Portland are highly unsafe for staffers, leading workers to seek union representation with AFSCME.

Suicide hotline workers vote to unionize

More than 160 employees of nonprofit behavioral health provider Lines for Life are now members of AFSCME Local 1790.

First union contract for behavioral health workers in the Columbia Gorge

After 16 months of negotiating, employees of the Mid-Columbia Center for Living will see pay increases totaling 13% over the next three years.

Apprenticeship is catching on

A new union program is skilling up behavioral health workers, and even lawyers are looking at apprenticeship as an alternative to the bar.

Suicide hotline workers to vote on joining Oregon AFSCME

At Lines For Life, a Portland nonprofit led by former U.S. attorney Dwight Holton, a strong majority of the 160 employees want a union.

An early look at Oregon labor’s 2022 legislative agenda

The Oregon Legislature’s “short session” begins Feb. 1 and ends by March 10. As ever, Oregon labor will promote a set of pro-worker bills.

Multnomah County votes for labor harmony 

At non-profit county contractors, union-busting is about to get a little harder.

New leader takes presidency at Oregon AFSCME

Elizabeth Goetzinger, president of 430-member AFSCME Local 3580 at the Metro regional government, was elected president of Oregon AFSCME.

Hillsboro clinic the latest to unionize with AFSCME

A recent vote adds 61 workers at Lifeworks NW' Hawthorn Clinic to Oregon AFSCME, part of a wave of union organizing in behavioral health. 

Workers at Hillsboro library join AFSCME

The 101 workers will next bargain a contract. Except for police and fire, the rest of the City of Hillsboro’s workforce remains non-union.

Medical interpreters unite

Oregon AFSCME will work to win better pay and standards for about 500 medical interpreters—those who translate for Medicaid patients.

Lifeworks NW workers file for union election

A group of about 60 workers at a Hillsboro mental health and substance abuse crisis center is ready to join Oregon AFSCME.

Doctors-in-training at OHSU win contract

Members of a unit of 850 medical interns, residents and fellows have ratified their first union contract since joining Oregon AFSCME in 2019.

OHSU Hillsboro hospital workers unionize

The group of 448 workers voted more than 2-1 to unionize with Oregon AFSCME. The hospital says it will work collaboratively with the union.

Columbia Gorge behavioral health provider breaks labor law and pays a price

Management wanted to continue one-to-one relationship with workers. But workers preferred a 112-to-1 relationship, and unionized with AFSCME.

We need on-demand drug treatment, now

Oregon ranks nearly last in the availability of drug addiction treatment for those who want it. Ballot Measure 110 would change that.

DePaul Treatment accused of bad faith bargaining

Oregon AFSCME says getting management to schedule a bargaining session has been a serious challenge — they've met three times since unionizing in September.

Columbia Gorge behavioral health workers join AFSCME

For Oregon AFSCME, it’s an unbroken string of organizing wins at behavioral health agencies.