Oregon bill would let workers refuse unsafe work

SB 907 passed out of the state Senate with a bipartisan 21-8 vote on April 13 and is now being taken up in the House.

Oregon OSHA takes action on heat and smoke

Oregon's proposed rules protecting workers exposed to extreme heat and wildfire smoke could be the strongest in the country. 

Oregon OSHA says employers must protect workers from COVID-19

Not a moment too soon, Oregon OSHA's COVID-19 rule arrives as outbreaks are under way at 76 Oregon workplaces.

OR-OSHA: Workers are counting on you

Our state government can help us by strengthening workplace protection for COVID-19. Join us: Call on the governor and OR-OSHA to do right.

Heat kills

A warming planet is increasing the risk of dying from heat, but OSHA has ignored calls to protect workers.

Work-related fatalities drop in Oregon, spike in Washington

In 2010, 17 Oregon workers and 86 Washington workers were killed on the job according to state agencies.