OPEIU Local 11

Local 11 wins big contract gains at NW Natural

Workers won a commitment to return to a defined benefit pension if details pass muster, plus wage increases totaling 24% over four years.

Tensions rising between NW Natural and union

The utility company informed union workers that it plans to train non-union staff to do their jobs in case there is a strike.

OPEIU Local 11 wants big changes at NW Natural

Under new leadership, the union will push the regulated monopoly to restore workers' pension and commit to end outsourcing.

Planting the seeds of solidarity

Union stewards like OPEIU Local 11 officer Kim King are the backbone of the labor movement.

Reed College workers vote to join OPEIU Local 11

Reed housing advisors previously formed an independent union in 2018, but the college refused to recognize the union and filed legal appeals.      


Staff changes at OPEIU Local 11, Oregon AFSCME, Oregon AFL-CIO, Oregon Building Trades, and U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley's office.

Reed College student workers want to join OPEIU Local 11

Forty-four housing advisers who live and work in dorms are unionizing after Reed changed their job duties without giving them a say.

No surprise to employees of Clark County: Study shows they’re underpaid

Consulting firm Baker Tilly conducted the study, which shows that on average, Clark County wages trailed other employers by 4.7% to 9%.

New union rep for Northwest Natural

Jordan Fosdick, a service technician at the natural gas utility, will represent nearly 600 members of OPEIU Local 11.

Bell outpolls incumbent at OPEIU Local 11

Longtime Northwest Natural steward Howard Bell outpolled two-term incumbent Maureen Goldberg and was sworn in to a three-year term May 9.

Oregon Catholic Press dumps union

The Portland-based nonprofit publisher prints sheet music, missals and other resources for church services.

Abortion support group recognizes union

The Beaverton-headquartered National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF) announced it would voluntarily recognize OPEIU Local 11 union representation.

Cities look at banning natural gas

A handful of unions say prohibiting natural gas in new construction is bad for workers, for energy diversity and for cost.

To Zoom or not to Zoom: Labor navigates a return to in-person meetings

Some local labor organizations see an argument for hybrid meetings, which incorporate in-person and virtual attendance options.

Workers at Clinton-linked non-profit vote against union

Workers at the Alliance For A Healthier Generation contacted OPEIU Local 11 last year expressing interest in unionizing.

U.S. government launches pension rescue 

In the Portland area, Plasterers Local 82 and OPEIU Local 11 could undo pension benefit cuts almost immediately.

Northwest Labor Press staff changes

Northwest Labor Press office manager Cheri Rice is retiring after 20 years; succeeding her is Jill Lukens. Both have long connections to local unionism.

Despite lopsided ‘no’ vote, Western States OPEIU cuts retiree benefits to halt slide to insolvency

As of Oct. 1, pension benefits were cut as much as 30 percent for retired members of Office and Professional Employees International Union in the Western United States.

OPEIU members are voting on whether to cut their own pension – to halt insolvency

Without a cut of up to 30 percent of benefits, the pension fund is headed for collapse in 18 years.

Western States OPEIU Pension moves to cut benefits

Without a 30% pension cut, the fund will be insolvent in 18 years.