North America’s Building Trades Unions

Biden calls union leaders to the White House

Continuing a string of overtures to the labor movement, Biden announced a pro-union NLRB nominee and reversed Trump moves on apprenticeship.

Construction industry exempted in final rule on Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Programs (IRAPs)

After a huge union outcry, the Trump administration backed off a plan that would have weakened apprenticeship programs—in construction anyway.

Building trades sounds alarm on DOL apprenticeship proposal

In June, the U.S. Department of Labor proposed to give private organizations free rein to create new watered-down standards and self-certify subpar apprenticeship programs.

New wage and hour chief comes to Oregon from the national union movement

Hired by Oregon Labor Commissioner Val Hoyle, former top building trades lobbyist Sonia Ramirez began her new position July 8.

TRUMP 100 DAYS: What’s his labor record so far?

Have Trump’s acts in office lived up to his pledge to put the American worker first?

Unions stand at Standing Rock

The standoff at Standing Rock — with Indian tribes and supporters on one side, and security for the Dakota Access Pipeline on the other – also finds labor union members on both sides.

Swing state union voters back billionaire

Trump’s win – supported by a third of union members, could lead to tax cuts for the rich and a national Right-to-Work law.

National building trades sees natural gas as ‘once in a generation’ opportunity to grow ranks

The annual Oregon building trades convention drew a who's who of the state's top elected officials