New Seasons Labor Union

Will New Seasons workers get a union contract?

The union and New Seasons have met 21 times since January 2023 to negotiate and are still without a first collective bargaining agreement.

New Seasons workers march on company headquarters

Seven months after bargaining began, there’s no sign the union is near a contract with the natural foods grocery chain.

New Seasons improves conditions … for its nonunion workers

Workers say New Seasons Market has borrowed a tactic from the anti-union playbook: improving conditions at non-union locations.

New Seasons workers picket six Portland stores

New Seasons Labor Union says the company should bargain over recent policy changes at stores that have unionized.

New Seasons union begins contract negotiations

Union and management agree they’re bargaining a contract that covers all stores represented by the union, rather than separate contracts for each store.

New Seasons union reaches Beaverton

With the Cedar Hills store, the New Seasons Labor Union now represents more than 900 workers in the Portland metro area.

Sixth New Seasons store goes union

Workers at the Arbor Lodge grocery store in North Portland voted 71-23 to join the independent union, and another election is later this month.

Five New Seasons stores now unionized

Workers at all five stores unionized with the New Seasons Labor Union (NSLU), which formed in mid-2022 at the Seven Corners store.

Workers unionize at two more New Seasons stores

New Seasons Labor Union has now won four elections since filing its first union petition with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in May.

Union interest spreads to two more Portland-area New Seasons stores

Workers at North Portland and Beaverton branches of grocery chain New Seasons are seeking to affiliate with the New Seasons Labor Union.

A second New Seasons store votes to unionize

The Slabtown vote was the fourth union election at New Seasons in recent months, and three more stores have pending union elections.

Union campaigns launch at two more New Seasons

Workers at grocery stores in Portland's Concordia and Grant Park neighborhoods are organizing with the New Seasons Labor Union.

Union spreads at New Seasons

Workers at the Woodstock store say they were inspired by the New Seasons Labor Union's recent victory at the Seven Corners market.

First ever union win at New Seasons

Third time's a charm for union supporters at the Seven Corners store; their independent union just won a representation vote four-to-one.

Fourth Portland-area New Seasons launches union

Workers at a New Seasons Market in Northwest Portland are organizing with an independent labor organization.

Union votes scheduled at three New Seasons stores

Workers at New Seasons Market stores in Portland and Hillsboro will be mailed ballots this month for three separate union organizing efforts.

Another New Seasons union announced

A start-up union formed by workers at New Seasons Market on Southeast Division Street in Portland is organizing at a second location.

At a New Seasons grocery, workers actually want a say in the rules they must follow

In April, New Seasons changed attendance, scheduling and paid leave policies. In May, workers launched a union campaign.

Union drives launch separately at two New Seasons stores

Union campaigns have developed independently at two Portland-area New Seasons stores, where workers want better wages and working conditions.