National Labor Relations Board

Judge strikes down NLRB’s landmark ‘joint employer’ rule

The National Labor Relations Board was all set to stop companies from dodging labor law by using temp agencies and franchise structures.

NLRB: No more dodging labor law with temp agencies and franchise structures

Workers will soon bargain with all companies that have a say in their working conditions — not just the one whose name is on their paycheck.

Abruzzo shows what it’s like to enforce a ‘pro-worker statute’

The NLRB hasn’t had this energetic of an enforcer in more than half a century. Jennifer Abruzzo is refocusing the agency on its founding goal.

Fired AFSCME supporter wins $20,000 back pay

The National Labor Relations Board determined that camp operator All Good NW fired Michael Rainey illegally.

Labor law violations on the rise nationally, NLRB says

Unfair labor practice charges jumped 16% year over year — continuing a significant caseload increase from the previous fiscal year. 

Local NLRB agent tells labor: Agency is in crisis

Democrats increased the NLRB budget 9% last year, after a 10-year freeze. Now the GOP’s back in charge of the House.

NLRB: Unfair employers must pay more than just lost wages

Workers face financial pressure beyond lost wages when they're illegally fired. Now, the NLRB says employers should generally cover those costs.

NLRB says union elections are up by 58%

The spike in new organizing activity is straining a labor board that’s already short-staffed and underfunded.

Nonprofit Causa of Oregon shuts down amid labor conflict

The immigrant rights group Causa recognized a union two years ago, but never reached agreement on a first contract.

Lawmakers look to boost NLRB funding

With labor activity on the rise this year, 40 U.S. senators say the National Labor Relations Board needs more funding to keep up.

Biden’s new NLRB shows what real enforcement looks like

Under Jennifer Abruzzo, the “new sheriff in town," Amazon, Starbucks and others have learned that powerful companies are not above the law.

Amazon ordered to notify workers of union rights

It’s one of the most far-reaching settlements to date after Amazon was found guilty of trampling workers’ rights to unionize.

NLRB finds Amazon broke the law, orders new election at warehouse in Alabama

Amazon’s “flagrant disregard” for labor law was so egregious that a new election must be held at its distribution center in Bessemer.

The return of Joy Silk

The NLRB is about to get tough on unionbusting. Its general counsel announced a policy that could stop employers from crushing union drives. 

Case dismissed: Scabby the rat beats the rap

Scabby is 12' tall and has red eyes, fangs, and claws. It may be scary looking, but the beloved inflatable is not an outlaw, the NLRB says.

U.S. Senate confirms three union attorneys to NLRB

The Senate confirmation votes, mostly along party lines, will give the NLRB a worker-friendly majority once again.

Precision Castparts must recognize Machinists Union

Precision—a key Boeing supplier—has lost its marathon effort to avoid recognizing the choice of a group of welders to unionize.

Wave of unionization sweeps through Washington newspapers

Five Washington newspapers have unionized recently, the latest in a nationwide surge among print and online journalists under way since 2015.

Government report says NLRB is understaffed

According to a March 29 report, the drop has been dramatic. Since 2010 the NLRB has lost 452 employees, or 26%.

NLRB drops Trump rule that would have blocked graduate student unions

Trump NLRB appointees had declared that student teaching assistants aren't employees under the National Labor Relations Act.