National Coordinating Committee for Multiemployer Plans

How the COVID relief bill saves union pensions

The just-passed COVID relief bill will rescue and restore over 100 declining union pension plans.

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Severely distressed union pension plans may soon start cutting benefits for existing retirees.

Big change to law on union pensions

Pensioners could share the pain under a new law that lets trustees cut benefits to make plans solvent

Congress passes major change to law on union pensions

Told no bailout would be coming, trustees asked for the right to trim benefits to save the fund

Congress to weigh letting union pension plans cut benefits to remain solvent

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As Obamacare insurance exchanges near launch, labor braces for impact

Labor-affiliated health trusts are locked out of Obamacare’s benefits, and forced to pay its costs

Unions ask Congress to let distressed pensions trim retiree benefits

10 million workers are covered by multiemployer pensions, but at least half are in serious trouble