July 1, the day ‘Free trade’ died 

ITC says 40 years of trade deals didn’t help much. Our assessment: They accelerated the loss of American manufacturing.  

House passes NAFTA re-write

It's the first major change to NAFTA since the three-nation trade agreement first took effect 25 years ago.

AFL-CIO endorses Trump’s revised re-write of NAFTA trade treaty

For the first time in a generation, NAFTA is getting a re-write, and even America’s premier trade union federation has endorsed the final draft.

Trump’s new NAFTA: Is America’s trade policy at a crossroads?

When Portland Congressman Earl Blumenauer learned he’d be the new chair of a House trade subcommittee, the first call he made was to Oregon AFL-CIO president Tom Chamberlain.

Trump denounces America’s top labor leader … on Labor Day

The tweet was in reaction to an appearance on Fox News Sunday by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

An end to NAFTA?

A new two-nation trade deal with Mexico could take the place of the three-nation agreement known as NAFTA.

Untangling Trump’s trade policy

Given Trump’s habit of contradictory statements, tweeted policy announcements and reversals, and personal spats with foreign heads of state, it can be hard to keep up.

Replace NAFTA, don’t make it worse

Can President Trump deliver on his pledge to make trade agreements better for American workers?

Trump NAFTA proposal: End corporations’ right to sue governments

When it comes to trade policy, an administration that has otherwise sided almost wholly with business lobbies is listening, a little, to organized labor.

Trump does NAFTA

Despite what Trump says, NAFTA is not a failed trade agreement. Written by and for the benefit of corporate elites, it's a resounding success — for them.

Six questions for organized labor’s top NAFTA expert

Twenty-three years after NAFTA became law, Trump wants to renegotiate it. Round 1 of talks ended Aug. 20. To find out more, we spoke with the AFL-CIO’s top trade policy expert.

Bait and switch: Trump’s Carrier deal

The man who put his byline on the Art of the Deal pulls a fast one in Indiana as tough talk turns to tax giveaways.

Fast-tracking trade deals signed into law

A week after unions celebrated a setback for Fast Track, the seeming victory came unzipped.

Free trade — a litmus test for labor

Labor’s endorsements and political contributions aren’t a right. They’re an honor.

Congress, listen up: Most of your constituents oppose fast track

It's time to call a halt after two decades of jobs being America’s largest export.


In Portland, Obama collects cash from the 1%, and touts a trade deal written by the Fortune 500.

Labor ramps up fight against free trade deal

AFL-CIO is freezing all political contributions while the fast track debate is on.

Trade deals that work for workers

For decades, the benefits of trade deals haven’t trickled down to working families.

Fast track fight begins

AFL-CIO launches fight against "NAFTA on steroids"

A conversation with NAFTA critic Lori Wallach

So-called free trade agreements aren't about trade any more, nor freedom