Multiemployer Pension Reform Act of 2014

How the COVID relief bill saves union pensions

The just-passed COVID relief bill will rescue and restore over 100 declining union pension plans.

To restore their pension, Plasterers reduce benefits

The 2008 financial crisis is still claiming new victims.

Despite lopsided ‘no’ vote, Western States OPEIU cuts retiree benefits to halt slide to insolvency

As of Oct. 1, pension benefits were cut as much as 30 percent for retired members of Office and Professional Employees International Union in the Western United States.

Pension crisis sparks reform debate

Over a million union members are in pension funds that are headed for insolvency. Here's how Congress created the crisis.

Congress looks at failing multi-employer pensions

One solution, favored by many Democrats, is to have the Treasury step in to help.

OPEIU pension seeks to cut retiree benefits

The proposed benefit cuts of 29 percent are supposed to save a pension plan that would otherwise run out of money in 2035.

Treasury rejects Teamster pension cuts

The proposed pension cuts to 300,000 retirees are unfair and confusing — and not deep enough to prevent insolvency.

PBGC readies rules to cut retiree pension benefits

Severely distressed union pension plans may soon start cutting benefits for existing retirees.

Big change to law on union pensions

Pensioners could share the pain under a new law that lets trustees cut benefits to make plans solvent

Congress passes major change to law on union pensions

Told no bailout would be coming, trustees asked for the right to trim benefits to save the fund

Congress to weigh letting union pension plans cut benefits to remain solvent

Wall Street losses are putting pension plans — and union construction firms — at risk