minimum wage

Minimum wages rising in Washington and Oregon

Oregon’s minimum wage rose to $15.45 in the Portland metro area on July 1. Washington's will rise to $16.28 an hour on Jan. 1.

Minimum wage rises in 23 states

Meanwhile, the federal minimum wage - which is all there is in 20 states - has been stuck at $7.25 an hour since 2009.

New year raises Washington minimum wage 

More salaried Washington workers just got the right to overtime too. And Oregon minimum wage goes up July 1.

Oregon minimum wage going up

The minimum wage rises today from $12.50 to $13.25 within the Portland Metro urban growth boundary.

Washington state minimum wage rises to $12

And in Seattle, Tacoma, and SeaTac, it's even higher.

The Fight for $15: The Right Wage for a Working America

An architect of Seattle's $15 minimum wage has written a book about the surging 15 movement.

Historic gains in 2016 Legislative session

Top issue was minimum wage, but Oregon lawmakers made progress on other fronts as well.

Oregon set to have nation’s highest minimum wage

The seven annual wage hikes start with a 25 or 50 cent rise this July 1.

Oregon minimum wage raise speeding to passage

The bill would raise wages by 2022 to $14.75, $13.50, and $12.50 in different parts of the state.

Victory for SeaTac airport workers

State high court throws out lawsuit against Seatac's $15 minimum wage

Minimum wage campaign fills Oregon Capitol hearing rooms

Backers and opponents traded volley after volley at a hearing on raising Oregon’s minimum wage.

Oregon Senate President says he won’t allow vote on minimum wage increase

"I'm not going to do minimum wage," Courtney tells Southern Oregon chamber of commerce members


How the Oregonian stretched facts to argue that a massive minimum wage increase wouldn’t help workers

Organized Labor — Year 2014 in Review

Union experiments with movement building pay off in fast-food strikes, minimum wage increases

Unions join women’s groups in new statewide campaign

SEIU, Planned Parenthood, OEA, and others team up to push economic justice agenda for women

The 2014 election is about giving Oregonians a fair shot

A fair shot: higher minimum wage, equal pay for equal work, paid sick leave, and a chance to retire

Up with the minimum wage: A movement on the rise

In the wake of Seattle’s $15 an hour, minimum wage campaigns are igniting all over the country.

$15 SeaTac minimum wage challenged in court

Judge will rule by Jan. 1, when the law is to take effect

SeaTac voters to decide on $15 minimum wage

The Nov. 5 ballot measure would lift estimated 6,500 workers in transportation and hospitality

Voters weigh in on workers rights around the nation

Unions take stands on taxation, marriage equality