Labor's Community Service Agency

Vickie Burns retires from Labor’s Community Service Agency

LCSA is a labor-affiliated non-profit charity sponsored by United Way.

Rebuilding Heritage Village with union help

Volunteers fix up homes to prevent evictions in a manufactured home community.

A DAY FOR PICNICS — Labor Day is Monday, September 5

Every year on Labor Day, union members come together to celebrate family and community. Here are this year’s events.

2016 Labor Appreciation & Recognition Dinner

This year’s NOLC awards event raised $2,500 for Labor’s Community Service Agency.

Portland labor’s big giving party — Presents from Partners

Over 300 children of unemployed union members got presents at NOLC’s annual holiday party.

Cold hard cash for Labor’s Community Service Agency

The money goes to the Helping Hands temporary hardship assistance program.

Help is out there for long-term unemployed

For union members in need, by far the two biggest sources of help are unemployment insurance and food stamps. In the Portland area, unions refer hardship cases to Labor's Community Service Agency.