Kurt Schrader

Labor unions drop Kurt Schrader and back Jamie McLeod-Skinner

Oregon's biggest and most politically active unions appear to be throwing their support behind a progressive challenger.

Several unions now favor McLeod-Skinner in challenge to Kurt Schrader

Since 2020, redistricting has made Oregon's 5th Congressional District more favorable terrain for progressives.

Oregon AFL-CIO ramps up pressure on Rep. Kurt Schrader to get behind labor law reform

The Protecting the Right to Organize Act would protect the right to strike, prevent misclassification of workers, increase penalties for retaliation, and more, but Democrat Schrader isn't on board.

We need labor law reform

While every other member of the Democrat in Oregon’s Congressional delegation has signed onto the PRO Act as a co-sponsor, Congressman Kurt Schrader said he won't vote for the bill.

Senate bill would end union rights for Indian casino workers

Oregon Democrat Kurt Schrader joined Greg Walden and 215 other Republicans in voting for it.

Oregon Democrat Kurt Schrader takes aim at Obama’s overtime rule

A bill sponsored by Schrader won praise from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and criticism from the Labor Secretary.

What’s next for TPP? A stealth vote?

To promote TPP, Nike sponsors a visit to Portland by U.S. ambassadors to Brunei and Malaysia.

Free trader Kurt Schrader meets local labor about TPP

Schrader says it's foolish for labor to target fast track Democrats.

The return of Kurt Schrader

After his Fast Track vote, the Oregon Congressman visits the House of Labor

Oregon Democratic Congressman Kurt Schrader turning hostile to union rights

The Oregon Democrat backs bills to diminish workers’ right to unionize or tack collective action.

AFL-CIO tallies slew of anti-union votes in Congress

The national AFL-CIO has released its interim rating of members of Congress for 2011.

Congress could vote on Korea, Colombia, Panama deals in July

The NAFTA-style treaties would add to the trade deficit and make outsourcing easier.

Schrader favors Korea trade deal, balks at TRADE Act

Congressman Kurt Schrader told labor leaders he is undecided on trade deals with Colombia and Panama.

Schrader favors Korea trade deal, balks at TRADE Act

Oregon Fifth District Congressman Kurt Schrader told labor leaders at an April 26 breakfast that he is "leaning strongly in favor" of the Korea Free Trade Agreement and is unlikely to support the union-backed TRADE Act, a re-write of the nation's trade policy. He still is undecided on trade deals with Colombia and Panama.